“Our application engineering teams have spent 30 – 40% less time investigating complex issues. Dashbase has helped us become better at delivering quality and reliability of our service to our customers.”

– Mehdi Salour, SVP, Network Ops & Dev Ops,

“We chose Dashbase because their team is great to work with and they are focused on solving the challenges unique to real-time communications services. Their call-stitching feature enables us to debug complicated call scenarios and their system scales up with our logs at a reasonable cost.”

– Max Wardell, Engineering Manager, Dialpad

“Dashbase’s call visualization, which includes both signaling and application logs spanning all the vendors in our network, is unparalleled.”

– Blake McKeeby, CTO, SkySwitch

“Dashbase increases our support efficiency, responsiveness, and quality to our end customers. Many more people can now help support customers because of the ease of accessing data through Dashbase.”

– Martin van Dyk, Founder and Director, STEM

Real-time communications is tough

Your customers require near-perfect quality of service. To deliver that, support cases must be solved rapidly and scaleably. But massive log files from distributed communications servers make almost every case expert-level: Is it the carrier, the end-point, or you? Turn on logs. Download logs. Isolate the leg. Pass the case. Oof.


Dashbase empowers UC providers

Dashbase empowers your entire team to engage on customer case resolution. We do this by collecting all communications and application logs into one, scalable system, and by providing a powerful UI that brings the right data to the fingertips of Support, Ops, and Engineering.