Realtime Communications Today

Today’s realtime communications leaders require near-perfect quality of service. To deliver that, customer cases and escalations must be resolved rapidly and scalably. But massive, fast-growing log files from distributed VoIP applications have restricted case resolution to only expert engineers.


Dashbase empowers companies like 8×8 to shift from reactive customer escalations to high-quality service delivery. Dashbase enables everyone on the service delivery team to engage on customer case resolution. We do this by reimagining service investigations: from search at scale, to end-to-end call investigations, to service insights and metrics, all backed by your VoIP telemetry data.

Search at Scale

Dashbase is purpose-built for high-volume telephony data

  • Search and correlate across SIP, PBX, SBC, media server, and custom application logs
  • Collect, index, and store many TB/day of custom application logs, with out-of-the-box support for standard telephony servers: FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, FreePBX, Kamailio, and OpenSIPS
  • Decide how long to retain data, and keep data as long as necessary

End-to-End Investigations

We make it easy to investigate issues across multiple large log files

  • Enable all service delivery personnel to find data across SIP captures, PBX, media servers, and SBC’s
  • Access all of your data through a single UI, rather than digging data out of disparate log files. No need to sift through multiple logs, extract relevant data, and correlate with data buried in other files
  • Incidents that used to take a level 3 support engineer hours can now be resolved in minutes by
    more teams

Service Insights and Metrics

Dashbase provides metrics for service delivery teams to proactively detect outages.

  • View call volume, average call duration, and service error rates via a dashboard report or API.
  • Quickly pinpoint root cause across endpoint, host, region, PBX, carrier, or any other dimension.
  • Gain new insights into your entire digital supply chain to proactively improve service delivery.

Don’t take our word for it

8×8 service delivery teams use Dashbase.