Dashbase enables your support and operations teams to be proactive vs. reactive when delivering services to customers, helping you answer cases quickly and reduce escalations backlogs.

With Dashbase, your team can:​

Increase​ customer satisfaction

  • Solve issues in first call​

  • Enable everyone to access data

  • Make all data searchable​

Manage VoIP-scale telemetry data

  • Auto-ingest from standard VoIP servers

  • Control data in your cloud

  • Search with high performance

Improve service quality

  • Find issues before customers do

  • Deflect escalations

  • Isolate carrier and endpoint issues

How Dashbase Works

Dashbase uses all your data from your environment and gives you UIs that extract information that you can use to answer customer questions faster, proactively detect issues before customers do, and pinpoint whether issues originate from you, your carrier partners, or endpoint devices.