Your customers count on you for quality communications. Dashbase helps you deliver.

COVID-19 just accelerated demand for remote work solutions by years. The pressure’s on like never before to resolve incidents and keep customers happy.

Dashbase empowers more people to solve cases.

Dashbase simplifies the process of case investigation so that more people on your team can engage in solving cases for customers without escalating. Dashbase automatically stitches together log data from complex communications environments into call visualizations and call details that many more people in your organization can use to solve cases.

With Dashbase, front line engineers and agents are able to solve the customer’s problem immediately.”

— Dejan Deklich, Chief Products Officer, 8×8

Dashbase helps you to solve complex cases faster. 

Dashbase drastically reduces the time your experts spend solving cases. Dashbase links directly from call visualizations to the underlying logs for that call in an interface made for debugging complex call scenarios.

Our application engineering teams have spent 30 – 40% less time investigating complex issues. Dashbase has helped us become better at delivering quality and reliability of our service to our customers.”

— Mehdi Salour, SVP, Network Operations & DevOps, 8×8

With Dashbase, you find issues proactively, without needing to involve your customer.

Collect more data and keep it far longer than you’re accustomed to, because Dashbase is so cost effective. This means that when you see an issue, you can investigate it immediately, without having to “turn on” logging, “go download logs”, or ask your customers to troubleshoot real-time with you to reproduce errors.