Reliable Investigations with
Monster Logs

Dashbase is for investigating production issues using logs in the terabytes per day. Teams that run significant services often have at least one, really large application log. These logs are near-impossible to reliably collect, store, and search. In these cases, teams often just ssh and grep.

Dashbase is an end-to-end solution for reliably collecting, shipping, indexing, storing, and searching application logs. Our customers use Dashbase to troubleshoot real-time outages, perform root-cause analysis on recent issues, verify whether events occurred, and to do many other types of investigations.

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Who is Dashbase for?
  • Teams who must have all logs for critical investigations
  • 1 TB/day application logs and up
  • Logs that need to stay within the firewall
How it Works

We’ll bring the tools and expertise to reliably collect, index, store, and investigate the logs you need from your largest applications.

Measure Log Volume

Our team will help you run Dashbase tools to measure your log volume. Our dashboards will show you log rates throughout the day, peak rates, and overall daily volume.

Install Dashbase into K8s

Knowing the key measurements of your logs, we’ll show you how to configure our Dashbase Helm chart. Then you can deploy, configure, scale, and update Dashbase with a handful of commands.

Collect & Confirm Logs

We have deployed off-the-shelf Filebeat into very unruly production environments. We’ll give you the Filebeat configs you need to collect all log data. Our Grafana dashboards will show the health of your Filebeats. We’ll help you use Dashbase tools to confirm that your data is reliably ingested.

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Hand-off for Troubleshooting

We’ll make sure everyone who does investigations with logs is enabled to do so with Dashbase Web, our UI purpose-built to enable engineers to investigate in production as easily as they do in their dev environments.

Try Dashbase!

Dashbase is made for teams with large application logs, required for troubleshooting. Dashbase is the only end-to-end solution, built for troubleshooting, that can efficiently handle terabytes per day. Request a Free Trial to get in touch!

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